Dual realities (1min read+vid: info)

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In line with my purpose, I’m trying to help people understand that humans exist in two realities:

  1. The objective reality, which we share with trees, rocks, mountains and other species…this is our habitat.
  2. The fictional reality, which allows us to tell stories that we all believe such as money, governments, economy, institutions, organisations…this controls the objective reality which we call home.

Science is in the middle of these two, where observations are made, the data is recorded and a story can be told to help share the knowledge to build a healthier, smarter and stronger community.

So what happens when we drift away from the objective reality and live predominately in the fictional reality? There becomes less focus on the things that sustain life and our health is affected.

It’s important to understand how you interact within these two realities. Do you make all of your decisions based on economic advantage? What’s the environmental cost of those decisions on our habitat?

Check out this TED talk by Yuval Harari for more information.

And stay tuned for Moore!