Publish or perish (1min read+vid: opinion)


I struggle with my own perfectionism which delays publications on this blog, so I want to take this opportunity to express my opinion on the mantra of getting your research/thoughts/opinion/whatever out there or risk falling behind!

I am tutoring science communication at Swinburne University of Technology this semester and I strongly believe that if students can not communicate effectively, then they will potentially fail the subject and possible future job opportunities. Engagement is key to learning and growing professionally and personally.

On the other hand, we are all different! After watching The Man Who Knew Infinity I wonder whether the worlds greatest scientific mind may be completely inept at basic human interaction. During my week of hosting the Twitter account I Am Sci Comm, which is an American based science communication page, I spent all of my time communicating and not actually researching! I made videos to try and engage the global audience who were awake while I was asleep:

So where is the line between doing science and taking time to communicate it? Should there be an organisation in charge of communicating research, published or other? Is there a difference between being published and being self-published?

Please tell me your thoughts and leave a comment here or on  Twitter, Facebook or YouTube. Thanks!


*Reading time is based on a 200 word per minute average with 60% comprehension from


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