Happiness (1 min read+podcast+vid: info)

Retailers are wrong! Buying stuff won’t make you happy or healthy!

Being rich and famous won’t help you either…So what’s the secret to happiness?

“Good relationships keep us happier and healthier”- Robert Waldinger

The longest running study on happiness has shown that it all comes down to quality relationships, whether they are friends, family or lovers.

The key message is to make an effort to connect with someone- your time is more valuable than any “stuff”. Buying less things will have a positive side-effect on the environment too! It’s not about romantic relationships- just be a friend- that in turn will reward you with health and happiness!


My inspiration with this idea is my Dad- he ignored the statistics about men over 30 loosing friends and descending into damaging-loneliness by having regular dinner parties and a strong connection with my Mum. And again at retirement he skewed the data that suggested men die after 3 years by actively engaging in social groups and hobbies.

Thanks Dad! –  Love Si




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