A little about me

I grew up on 110 acres just outside of Tamworth, NSW and learnt about the importance of sustainability and biodiversity early in life.

Moore Ck

Si Moore at Moore Creek, Tamworth, NSW, Australia. 

I’ve worked for local government in a traineeship, have been a team leader and volunteer engagement officer for Conservation Volunteers Australia as well as a fundraising coordinator at Greening Australia.

I’m currently the lead tutor in the subject Engineering Design and Innovation at Swinburne University of Technology, Hawthorn, Melbourne.

My purpose is to reduce my impact on the environment and help educate others to do the same.

I became a scientist in 2015 to help expand my sphere of influence around environmental science. I’ve been communicating the science of anthropogenic climate change to a general audience by making and sharing videos and podcasts ever since.

I’m also a brown belt and teach karate in Northcote, Melbourne.

Please connect with me via Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, LinkedIn or subscribe to this blog or my YouTube channel to stay tuned for Moore!

February 2017: I have just teamed up with Climate for Change who have figured out how to make a difference! I’m so excited about this social movement that I made a blog/video/podcast and am looking forward to an exciting adventure with them!



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